Big enough to have choices, small enough to call it home.
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Tuesday, July 17th
Delaire Grill Menu
Wednesday, July 18th
Happy HourUptown Grill
Thursday, July 19th
Delaire Grill Menu

Social Activities

Special Events

Casino, Deli, Comedy, Steakhouse, Chefs on Parade, and Wine Dinner Nights; Seafood, Italian, and Asian Buffets; all holiday meals.

Card Rooms

Men’s and women’s card rooms offer an inviting gathering area to conduct various games and activities. All rooms are comfortably well-appointed with service and amenities to match. Guests are welcome in the men's and women's card rooms every day.

Parents and adult children of bond holding members are under the one-up and two-down rule and may play in the card rooms whenever members may play without limitations.